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stripe tournament printed paintball with logo

Tournament Grade

No.1 paintball supplier in China with good Paintball facilities/machines/production lines.

Warning :These paintballs are intended for use in the sport of paintball.Follow all rules for safe paintball play.

Goggles, facemasks and ear protection designed specifically for use in paintball games are mandatory at all times

 for all persons who are within paintball marker range. Failure to follow the rules of safe paintball play and the 

instructions and recommendations printed here may result in bodily injury including face, eye, ear injury; blindness, 

or deafness. Do not shoot paintballs at a speed in excess of 300 fps(92m/s). Do not ingest.

Stripe color of pink, yellow,blue,black,etc.

Or printed paint with your own logo.


Container loading

20 skids/40'' container,  160 boxes/ pallet

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