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Paintball Ammo of pearl colors of gold,pink,green,purple,etc. The only and best paintball factory in China.

We always make custom paintballs for different customers' needs.

Dark Purple 0.68 cal paintballs

Pearl purple color

China Paintballs Wholesale

Pearl Orange Color

Pinky Paintballs of 68 cal

Pink Pearl Color

Fragile Recreational Paintballs

Pearl Gold Color


As the biggest paintball factory in China, we have 10 production lines for paintball producing.

China Paintballs Factory

Cheap China Paintballs Manufacturer

Chinese Best Paintball Factory


Please contact us for more information:

Website: www.chinagreenhill.com
Tel: +86-755-28149831
Mob: +86-13556883170
Skype: chinagreenhill

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