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Paintball HPA/N2 One Way Foster Fill Nipple Kit

This kit including Strut Pin,O-Ring,and Male Quick Disconect.
This Fill Nipple is made of Brass with nickel plating. We could make stainless steel material as well.
Very durable and won't rust.

One Way Foster Fill Nipple Adapter

1/8'' NPT Stainless Steel Fill Nipple Coupler


  • G7 Double Male to Male End Fill Nipple 1/8" Size Straight Through Open Port
  • CNC Precision machined
  • Work with High Pressure Lines with Female Quick Connect Couplings
  • 1/8" Size ideal for ExtHPA AIR Aluminum and Carbon Fiber 3000-4500psi Tanks, PCP Rifle and More....
  • Stainless Steel Paintball One-Way Foster
  • Benjamin PCP Air Filling Adapter-One Way Foster Coupler
  • 1/8' BSP One Way Fill Nipple
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