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China Greenhill Paintball Limited is one of the leading paintballs company in China supplying good quality,good prices and good service.

Chinese paintball facotry

As the best China paintball manufacturer, we have years experience selling paintballs overseas. Welcome to contact us for more information!

0.68 cal paintballs from China Greenhill Paintball Limited

Chinese paintballs manufacturer and factory

Chinese paintball factory with good price


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Largest Paintball Factory in China

China Good Paintball Supplier

0.68 paintballs

China Paintball Production

With more than 10 years experience in manufacturing paintballs, we have customers all around the world.

Some brands are very big and famous. In order to cut your cost and improve your benefit rate, we provide different level quality paintballs.

From oil based to PEG based with 0.68 cal, 0.50 cal even 0.43 cal.

You could get the full line of paintballs here. All your paintball needs could be met .

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