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Chinese best and leading paintball balls factory

Neon Color Paintballs from China

1.Very accurate for shooting
2,non-breaks in barrels
3,food-grade, environmental friendly and Water-soluble very good quality

Neon color paintball

China 0.68 caliber Paintballs with Cheap Price


1.very dense and birght color filling made of PEG,

2, easy to break and accurate when shooting targets

3,easy to wash away from clothings,masks

4,the range of optimal temperature

Summer formula : 15-30°C  Winter formula: -15°C-10°C

5.OEM service and customs designed colors,boxes are available

No.1 China Paintball Wholesaler

We sincerely welcome you to contact us for more information about our paintballs! Welcome to vist our paintball factory!

Asian Best Paintball Factory

Chinese Paintball Production Line

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