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We could make any length of the High Pressure Hose for you!


Paintball 21''/37" In-Flight Refueling Remote Fill Hose

1/8 NPT,1/8 BSP thread


We just saved you time and frustration at your next scenario/ big game. How many times have you saddled up with your tac vest that weighs over 20 pounds loaded with 12 pods, water bladder, grenades... and then you realize you forgot to fill your remote tank? How often have you run off the field for a quick air fill, only to have to strip down to get to your tank?

All that is a thing of the past with our Paintball's 21''/37" In-Flight Refueling Fill Whip Hose. This 4500 psi rated hose assembly attaches to the fill nipple on your back mount HPA tank, tucking away when not in use. When ready to fill you simply hook up to the fill station via the hose, fill up and then tuck it back out of the way. Time saved at the fill station is more time spent shooting opponents!








  • Attach to your tank in the pack












  • Fill your air system leaving your pack on.












  • 4500 psi rated assembly












  • Stainless Steel Male and Female Quick Disconnect







    HPA Paintball High Pressure Hose

    1/8'' NPT Paintball HP hoses

    HPA pcp Paintball Filling Hose

    37'' paintball high pressure hose

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