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Chinese paintballs manufacturer of 0.68 caliber

Our premium paintballs have extreme marking attributes with reliable break-on-target characteristics and superior accuracy that place this paint on the top shelf of any store. 100% PEG, safe for players and the environment.

  • 500 pcs/bag,4 bags/box,144-160 boxes/pallet,10 pallets/20'' container,20 pallets/40'' container
  • 100% PEG formula
  • No oils
  • Safe for players
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to clean up

Gold Shell Paintballs

Best Purple PEG Paintballs

China Paintballs of 0.68 caliber

* Consistent roundness and fewer barrel breaks
* Dead-on accuracy from straight ball flight
* RPS Advantage shell breaks on contact

Chinese paintball company and supplier

China Paintball Supplier. Chinese paintballs manufacturer.
China Greenhill Paintball Limited is the leading supplier of paintball products in China. As the No.1 paintball manufacturer in China,we supply  0.68 cal paintballs,0.50 cal paintballs,0.43 cal paintballs and a full line of paintball accessories like Tipmann 98/A5/X7 parts,barrels,remote hoses etc.
We always offer excellent quality but with very good prices.
Welcome to contact us for more information.
Thanks for your attention!
We look forward doing business with you!

Golden 68 cal paint ball

Email: info@chinagreenhill.com
Website: www.chinagreenhill.com
Tel:    +86-755-28149831 
Mob:  +86-13556883170
MSN:  chinagreenhill@yahoo.com.hk



Field Grade Paintballs of 0.68 Caliber

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