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China Paintball Supplies and manufacturer for field grade,premium grade, professional grade and tournament grade paint balls.

china best paintballs factory

We could make any colors of the shells or filling of the paintballs.


Our production capacity is: 40'' container per week. Paintball samples are available for your test.


Welcome to contact us for more information! Thanks!


E-mail: Paintball@chinagreenhill.com


China Greenhill Paintball Limited is one of the leading manufacturers and factory in China.

China's Paintball Supply


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We have 5 production lines of paintballs which are working 24/7 to meet our customers' needs. Our Quality Control is very strict, each paintballs will be selected and quality checked before the shipment.

Best China Paintball Facility

0.68 paintball manufacturer

Paintball Supplier from China

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